Launched in October 2016, IOANNA DESCHAMPS is a fashion brand imagining and creating handcrafted hats.

The founder is a Parisian designer who has been passionate about hats since her childhood. An anecdote, her own Proust Madeleine, remains etched in her memory — every Sunday, driving to the countryside with her family, Ioanna’s great-grand mother would take off her elegant black felt bowler hat as she entered the car, dropping it delicately onto her lap and holding on to it like a treasure. Ioanna was fascinated by this unique emotional attachment.

Ioanna studied business knowing she would one day turn to fashion design. Following her passion, she begins evening courses in 2010 and earns a diploma in fashion and hat making. She learns the ropes at GIVENCHY Couture before launching her own fashion brand IOANNA DESCHAMPS.


Ioanna revisits the codes of romantic hat-making, finding her inspiration in nature, art and Fashion Tech. Her creations commend femininity and Parisian chic, offering a romantic and modern touch to women’s every-day wear and an elegant accessory for special occasions. The brand’s ethos is to craft hats as art objects that convey emotions, creating fashion accessories with floral patterns, light colours and beautiful textures.


The subtle combination of the designer’s inspiration with the skills of the best craftsmen and innovative printing techniques make every IOANNA DESCHAMPS hat unique. Traditional hat-making methods are used to create modern, high quality pieces, handmade outside of Paris by a reknowned hat maker.

Each hat is made from premium materials: carefully selected rabbit fur felt or straw cones. The felt cone takes its final shape once it has been steamed and moulded between two heated aluminium forms. The hat’s crown and brims are worked on using sandpaper for a beautiful velvet finish. Once the brims are trimmed, the hat is polished with a brush. Then comes the fitting of the meticulously crafted grosgrain ribbon onto the hat. Each IOANNA DESCHAMPS hat is signed at the back with a “milliner’s cross”, stamped on leather and guilded with gold leaf.